I’m Official!

For years now my friends, clients and colleagues have encouraged me to start a blog. I’ve resisted every step of the way because of my already busy schedule and to be very honest the thought of “who cares about what I have to say” always popped into my mind. As the years have passed I’ve found myself regretful of not having journaled the ups and downs, the trials and the blessings that have come with being a Wife, Mom and Entrepreneur.

Today, I called a dear friend of mine to express my reservations and anxiety over starting a blog. She expressed to me that the first blog is the hardest but once I get started, it would get easier and easier. That sounded simple enough to me and with less apprehension, I’ve decided to start my first blog with the very beginning of my journey going GaGa. 🙂

Over a decade ago, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I decided that I would work from home and make a living designing nurseries, which then was an unpopular niche. Although there were many naysayers in my life, no start up cash or investors, I possessed what was most important. I had an amazing husband that supported me, a dream and my faith!

Although I had prior experience in the baby industry, this would be the first time that I completely stepped out on my own. No blueprint, no guidelines, no publicist and the scariest part, no pay check! I didn’t start my business the conventional way. I didn’t run out and get a loan, draw up a business plan or take any design classes. I simply was led by my heart, my passion and with much prayer I created GaGa Designs on March 25, 2001.

God’s dream for my life has always been way bigger than my own! All I wanted to do was design a few nurseries, make life easier for expecting parents and stay home with my babies. However, eleven years later God has promoted me as the designer to the stars, made my company Internationally known and has put me in various platforms to further grow my business.

Today is another big milestone for my company. I am not only writing my first official blog, but I am also launching my new website for Shalena Smith Interiors. As I continue to develop a brand of amazing designs, products and services, what will continue to matter most are the relationships that I develop along the way.

I could go on and on about the highs and lows throughout my career. I could focus on the mistakes and the victories but they aren’t as important as the lessons that I’ve learned through the experiences. In many ways I’m still exactly at the same place I was when I created GaGa Designs. I have two daughters that I want to be home with, a husband that supports me and a big ole’ dream. What has changed is the understanding of why I’m here and why my company exist. God put these desires on my heart from the very beginning specifically to be a blessing to others. Even when I didn’t know the how, what or why, He directed me and guided me. I was indeed equipped from the very beginning with the blueprint and guidelines, fear just made me blind to it, but not anymore!

It’s amazing how almost everything in my life begins the way this blog started. At the beginning of any new creation there’s uncertainty, fear, doubt, resistance and so many other emotions. Luckily I’ve come to the realization that all I have to do is “start” with my passion, be led by my faith and somehow I’ll get exactly where I’m supposed to be.

To the end of my very first blog. YAY!! 😉