Select a Chandelier to Spruce Up Your Nursery or Kids Room!- Shalena Smith

You don’t have to just be an admirer of beautiful rooms and only dream of the day your child can have a magical nursery or play area. It is absolutely possible for you to knock off a celebrity look, and have the nursery of your dreams, even on a limited budget.

As with anything, before you begin your project you need to come up with a realistic budget based on the things you desire. Here are some affordable design tips and items that will take your room from ordinary to extraordinary!

#1 Lighting – Get a cool chandelier or pendant. With clean painted walls these items will completely transform the look of your room.

#2 Pillows and Blankets – People often spend a lot of money on custom crib bedding or twin bedding. Less is more! Go with solid and inexpensive bedding and throw your colorful blanket over the crib to add color. If it’s a daybed or twin bed, add a fancy pillow with a different texture to add dimension and creativity.

#3 Hire Me – LOL! I just wanted to make the point that I am afforded by clients that aren’t millionaires. Even if it’s only for a one hour in-home or virtual consultation, I can inspire you to come up with unique and inexpensive ideas using what you already have or working within your budget. You’d be amazed at what happens to a dull and boring room when you reposition the furniture and add a few accessories. Sometimes your room has all the elements but they’re just not set up correctly.

#4 One Item at a Time – Don’t get discouraged because you have a smaller budget. Make your budget work for you! It may take you a little longer to complete your magical room, but just know that it’s possible. I created so that people all over the world could get single items that are featured in my celebrity rooms. For example here’s a custom Wall Hanging that was in Sean Combs’ twins’ nursery. A personalized, whimsical item like this is what makes a nursery special.

If you see something in my portfolio and can’t find it on my website, e-mail me at and I’ll send you pictures, product details, prices and more.

I was recently interviewed on this very topic by Tastemaker Magazine in Atlanta. A client who was on a budget came to Shalena Smith Interior Design to create the nursery of her dreams. Take a look at this article then come back to my blog and tell me what you think.

All the items featured in the Tastemaker article are on the home page of Gaga Designs and you can view them on Houzz

I’m off to Europe to pay a visit to one of my virtual clients. Stay tuned next month when I blog about the experience! xoxo